Strategic Plan/Implementation Plan

​​The Implementation​​ Plan expands upon the Strategic Plan, providing detail regarding funded strategies and set of indicators that will be measured through evaluation efforts within seven results:  

  1. Decrease infant deaths
  2. Decrease dental disease
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Early care
  5. School readiness
  6. Community connections
  7. Effective parenting​

For more information, please contact Carmen Garcia-Gomez at 916-876-5869.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Strategic Plan

How is Proposition 10 money allocated?

When California voters passed Proposition 10 in 1998, the California Children and Families Act (The Act), it imposed a tax on all tobacco products to fund the healthy development of children prenatal to age five. A portion of this tax revenue is allocated to each county based on the number of births recorded in that county. For the past 20 years Proposition 10 tax revenue has declined annually consistent with the decline in the number of smokers.

Based on feedback from the Strategic Plan update, the Commission is focusing funding on seven priority areas.

Will the Proposition 10 money be used to replace currently funded services?

No. Proposition 10 money cannot be used to replace funding for existing services or programs. The Commission is striving toward system integration, service continuity and collaboration across all funded result areas to ensure support and understanding of children and their families. Proposition 10 focuses on preparing children to enter school healthy and ready to learn. The First 5 Sacramento Commission adopted a Supplanta​​tio​​​n​​​ Policy​ to ensure that Proposition 10 funds are allocated appropriately according to the Children and Families Act.

How is the public involved?

The process of strategic planning involves continuous community engagement. This includes an open invitation to attend strategic planning sessions, monthly Commission meetings and public hearings facilitated by the Commission’s Advisory Committee to gather public input.

Is the immigration status of children a factor in their eligibility for services and programs funded through Proposition 10?

Every child in Sacramento County, from the prenatal stage to age five, is eligible for programs funded by Proposition 10. A child’s immigration status has no bearing when it comes to accessing Proposition 10 funds.

​​Strategic Plan