School Readiness


Join us and jump start your child’s learning journey! Contact the School Readiness Coordinator in your district to find out what they offer and how you and your child can participate.

​First 5 Sacramento School Readiness programs ensure that:

  • Children are healthy and have the social-emotional and early academic skills they need to start kindergarten successfully, and that
  • Their parents and caregivers, children's first and most important teachers, are knowledgeable about child development and early learning and can support their children's growing skills.

School Readiness Programs Include:

  • Playgroups (0-3 year olds) - ​Skilled teachers lead small groups of parents and toddlers in songs, stories, and play that let them explore their world and build their knowledge, all while learning to get along with peers in a classroom setting. Groups run all through the school year.
  • Preschool (3-5 year olds​) - Preschool programs are designed to introduce children to a learning environment that prepares them for kindergarten. Preschool programs are available for children ages 3-5. 
  • Family Support and Engagement  - Parents are their children's first teachers – and these programs support them in promoting their child's early learning and development. Districts offer parent activities and workshops about parenting; adult and child literacy; neighborhood resources; nutrition; health and dental insurance; and much more. 
  • Transition Activities and Summer Camps - Starting Kindergarten is a big step! Transition activities help parents know what to expect and how to support their children as they enter kindergarten. 
    Summer Camp classrooms let children practice for Kindergarten. Especially great for children who haven't attended Preschool.
  • Comprehensive Screening and Early Intervention - Children ages 0-5 are able to receive screening and assessments for child development; speech/language; vision; hearing; health and dental. Families are provided with referrals, follow-up services and/or resources for any concerns identified.
  • ​​​​Help Me G​row: Developmental and Behavioral screenings and referrals. Call 916-822-8744 or take the online assessment. 

​What​​ We Do

Ensure that children are developmentally ​on-track and ready for kindergarten by supporting School Readiness Programs at 60 schools in 9 school districts across the county. ​

What is Early Learning?​

​Why We​ Do It

90% of a child's brain develops in the first 5 years and early experiences – with parents or in childcare or preschool – help shape the architecture of the brain, the foundation for all later learning. By helping parents engage in learning interactions with their children, making sure that children are screened for developmental differences, offering high-quality early learning experiences, and preparing children and families for the transition to Kindergarten, we are making sure that children enter school ready to succeed.

Find A location Near You!  Not sure which school district you live in? Call the school nearest your house, or search by zip co​de​. You can also view school district contacts.​​


Lindsay Dunckel, First 5 School Readiness Program Planner,