Program Evaluation

​The First 5 Sacramento Commission uses a multifaceted and comprehensive approach in the evaluation of its programs and services. All components of the evaluation have been designed to best demonstrate the impacts of First 5 Sacramento Commission’s funding. The Commission uses collected data to inform short-term decision making while findings from the evaluation are used to formulate long-term funding strategies.

Commission Contact: Carmen Garcia-Gomez, (916) 876-5869

Fund​ed Partners

Evaluation of Commission​ Programs

Applied Survey Research (ASR) a nonprofit social research firm that uses Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework to identify relevant evidence-based outcomes and strategies towards collective wisdom. 
Contact Person: Lisa Colvig​​, Vice President of Evaluation, (408) 247-8319

Evaluation Committee 

The Committee meets every other month to develop policy recommendations to the Commission evaluation issues and oversees the evaluation design.

Evaluation Results

Findings in the community, areas of interest, and other useful resources:

  • Evaluation Report.  First 5 Sacramento invested more than $20.6 million in FY 2020-21. This report highlights the services and evaluation outcomes of our funded programs throughout 10 result areas. An Executive ​Summary​ is also available, May 2022. 

  • The Reduction of African American Child Deaths Evaluation Report, FY 2020-21​ provides a summary of First 5 Sacramento's efforts with three-year trends. An Executive Summary is also available​.​

  • Two special studies focusing on Family Engagement and Developmental Screenings were conducted in the spring of 2020.  These two programs are implemented through the school readiness initiative at 9 school districts.  The studies will be used to inform standardization of practices across school districts, whenever possible. 
  • The Birth and Beyond Program Evaluation Report​ for Fiscal Year 2018-19 represents program operations, participant characteristics and outcomes for programs carried out by the Family Support Collaborative.   ​
  • Developmental Playgroup Formative Evaluation 2019. The purpose of this evaluation was to gather formative data about the programmatic elements in use across First 5 Sacramento’s playgroups to guide quality improvement. Specifically, the evaluation gathered data regarding four main dimensions: curriculum, classroom environment, schedule, and staffing/infrastructure.​

  • Evaluation Report, 2018-19  First 5 Sacramento invested over $20 million during FY 2018-19. This report highlights the services and evaluation outcomes of our funded programs throughout 10 result areas. An Executive Summary is also available.​

Report A​rchives